New Zealand

Morrison Low Joins NAMS Partner Programme in NZ

May 2019

Morrison Low is thrilled to join the NAMS Partner Programme in New Zealand to support the industry and provide strategic thinking around asset management as a solution to infrastructure issues. 

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Julie Savet Ward joins Morrison Low

March 2019

Morrison Low is delighted to announce the appointment of Julie Savet Ward as a non-executive director of Morrison Low Holdings. 

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Service reviews are back on the menu

September 2018

After a sprint in August 2017 to have Section 17A service reviews completed we are seeing a number of councils take a more considered approach to service reviews in 2018. With the statutory compliance aspect now in the past, councils are now seemingly realising the benefits of undertaking a comprehensive review of services.

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Water Reform

August 2018

With the New Zealand Government reviewing how the three waters (drinking water, wastewater and stormwater) are managed, it appears that New Zealand is on the cusp of significant change to the way the water industry operates.

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Kevin Best joins Morrison Low

June 2018

Morrison Low is pleased to announce Kevin Best as the new Chair of Morrison Low Holdings. Kevin takes over as Chair from Karen Price at an important time for the company.

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The government's new $3 billion Provincial Growth Fund

February 2018

Morrison Low has a long history of supporting Australian councils obtain regional development grants through competitive processes. It is a long established practice there for funding rural and region...

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Changes to Housing Policy

November 2017

It is clear that the new government is going to take a different approach to tackling housing issues. This includes how it will increase the number of social houses and social housing providers. A num...

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Cost of Growth

November 2017

Investment in the infrastructure required to support a growing population comes with significant risk for local authorities.  Failure to get it right means that ratepayers are funding that growth.

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What does the Election Result mean for Local Government?

October 2017

As of today no one really knows.We do know that New Zealand First will play an important role in government going forward – whether it be part of the next government or from the cross benches.We won’t...

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Section 17A Service Delivery Reviews – the end is not in sight

May 2017

There has been a flurry of activity as we approach 8 August 2017, when Council’s first round of Section 17A Delivery of Service Reviews are due to be completed under the Local Government Act. It might be the looming deadline but it could be that Councils have looked back at what Council said it would do to meet Section 17A in the last LTP? Have you met those commitments? It’s a good question to ask now as the community might be the next to ask.

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