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Project Management Framework, Manual and Tools




Tamworth Regional Council


Tamworth Regional Council required a project management framework that accommodated a wide range of local government project sizes and types, as well as increasing the project management skills, knowledge and accountability within Council. Morrison Low's framework enabled a tailored process and set of tools to be embedded within the organisation as the sole approach that establishes the standard methodology, roles, responsibilities and reporting requirements for qualifying Councils' projects as well as the process by which they are managed.


Morrison Low delivered a project management framework, manual and tool set, in partnership with Council, to create a project management approach that delivered a consistent and considered approach to project management having regard to the organisations priorities, capacity, capability and risk tolerance. Through a facilitated collaborative process with a broad range of staff, together we created a high level organisational ownership of the framework, enabling the transfer of project management knowledge to staff.


Morrison Low subsequently delivered a comprehensive training program to over 90 staff. Council is in the process of automating and integrating the project management approach into their IP&R planning process and internal systems.


Project Contact: Greg Smith